Inside this dryer hides
a graphic designer
unlike any other.

Even back then, she rode her tricycle, fed marshmallows to her goldfish
and always found ways to do things differently. So it was with ease
that she earned her degree in graphic arts communications.


She has since gained experience and experiences. She’s now a well-known senior graphic designer
who loves her job and it shows. Dynamic and adventurous, she partakes in all sorts of wacky challenges
like rally racing in the Moroccan dunes or a 48-hour bike ride to grant kids’ wishes.
Whatever she does, she’s always trying to make a difference.

She likes SIMPLE things, 
but not necessarily easy.

Annick offers you
a unique approach that
will suit your needs.

It's that simple.



Your brand is what visually defines you, and what should come to mind when people think of you. Annick is capable of providing you with a strong image that reflects who you are and sets you apart from the competition.

Print Design

The key to increasing your sales or services is an effective communication strategy, and that’s precisely Annick’s specialty! She accompanies you from idea to print in order to ensure a product that meets your goals.

Web Design

In today’s day and age, it’s essential to have a web presence. Annick can design a website that’s creative, aesthetic and usable, leaving a lasting impression on your users. In this challenging world, you’ll leave your mark for a long time.

Matthieu Jutras


William J Walter

Promotional cards


Logo and corporate image

Fondation Equilibrium

Event invite : Losbter night

PURE Design

Promotional cards

Second Cup — Mascouche

3 fold brochure

Marie-Pier d Auteuil - Avocate

D un couvert à l autre

Annual report

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Every child is 
an artist. 
The problem 
is how to remain 
an artist once 
he grows up. – Pablo Picasso

Above all, Annick loves to create beautiful things with great people.

Thank you for your confidence.

Once you know Annick’s parents, 
it all makes sense.

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